Thessaloniki –Excavation 1

2015-2016 National Theatre of Northern Greece
Thessaloniki –Excavation 1
Opening: Thessaloniki, 04/11/2015

The National Theatre of Northern Greece presents a new action called “THESSALONIKI- Excavation 1”. It's a trip down memory lane in Thessaloniki’s neighbourhoods through the texts of some of the city’s greatest authors and it will be a tribute presented in early November.     

During the archaeological excavations layers of earth are removed mechanically or manually, the findings are analysed, recorded, classified and put on display. Something similar will be applied during the tribute to Thessaloniki and its neighbourhoods. A significant amount of great literary texts will be removed, just like the layers of earth, as they are invaluable.

G. Themelis, G. Tzanis, N. Kavvadias, F. Makris, N. Kokkalidou-Nahmia, G. Vafopoulos, D. Miggas, Z. Karelli, Th. Grigoriadis, G. Gkozis, A. Nar, K. Moskof, N. Christianopoulos, K. Tahtsis, Ch. Missios, G. Skabardonis and R. Thornton represent this layer in an excavation in the city of Thessaloniki that has a social and literary content.

The tribute to Thessaloniki and its neighbourhoods will be presented by groups of four actors from the National Theatre of Northern Greece, who will recite these texts. The aim is to present the action “THESSALONIKI- Excavation 1” in all of the city's municipalities, in alternative areas, in museums, in secondary schools, in prisons etc.       

Text selection: Tsima, Maria
Staged reading about Thessaloniki and its neighbourhoods.
Thessaloniki (04/11/2015 - 20/02/2016)
Thessaloniki International Fair, HELEXPO (12/05/2016)
Most of Thessaloniki's municipalities assist in the efforts of the National Theatre of Northern Greece. The municipalities of Kalamaria, Ampelokipon-Menemenis, Neapolis-Sikeon, Kordeliou-Evosmou have already expressed their interest and support and in the following days there will be meetings with the rest of the local authorities.
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