The Secret Garden

2015-2016 NTNG Children's Stage
The Secret Garden - Frances Hodgson Burnett
Opening: Vassiliko Theatre, 11/10/2015

The Secret Garden symbolizes our neglected inner world which, once discovered through love for humanity and the necessity of positive thinking, we apprehend in depth our nature and strength. The playwright states: “The power of a simple thought is equal to an electric battery. It could get in the service of the highest good or the supreme evil. Letting a negative thought creep in our mind and settle for a long period of time looks like allowing a severe microbe to get installed in our body. It might never come out of our organism as long as we live”.

Taking care of other fellow humans and the earth that hosts us keeps away every bad thought which detains us to a state of no life.

Theatrical adaptation: Μarianna Toli
Director: Μarianna Toli
Translation: Μarianna Toli
Songs translation: Μarianna Toli
Choreography: Alexandros Kouzitskin
Orchestration: Panagiotis Barlas
Vocal coach: Nikos Voudouris
Video Art: Giannis Saniotis
Assistant Director: Evanthia Sofronidou
Assistant Choreographer: Evanthia Sofronidou
122 performances - 48.809 spectators
Vassiliko Theatre (11/10/2015 - 24/04/2016)
The play is staged for the first time at the NTNG
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