The Secretary General

1985-1986 National Theatre of Northern Greece
The Secretary General - Elias Kapetanakis
Opening: Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies - Central Stage, 23/11/1985

'The General Secretary' is the politician Lampros Thymelis, an uneducated man of the province, who aims at the position of a general secretary in Athens. In its fantasies, his woman, Pinelopi, plays an important role, because she detests the boorish provincials and her dream is to live in the capital. The whole family finally sees encouragingly the perspective of the capital. Thus, children, unmarried sister and servants get happy for their luck and unconsciously abandon the province. The comedy by Kapetanakis written in 1893 satirizes the political and social manners of the time, as 'xenomania', urban pull, the provincial modernism, the decline of institutions, the lack of education and meritocracy.

Playwright: Elias Kapetanakis
Director: Nikos Armaos
Composition: Eleni Karaindrou
Choreography: Giannis Flery
Music Instruction: Aigli Hava-Vagia
Assistant Director: Kostas Konstantinidis
47 performances - 18.718 spectators
Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies - Central Stage (23/11/1985 - 27/04/1986)