The Wedding of Koutroulis

2014-2015, 2015-2016 National Theatre of Northern Greece
The Wedding of Koutroulis - Alexandros Rizos Ragkavis
Repeat: Lazaristes Monastery - Sokratis Karantinos Stage, 9/10/2015
Opening: Theatro Dassous, 25/06/2015

The wealthy but with humble origin Emmanuel Koutroulis, a tailor from Syra, arrives in Athens accompanied by his roguish servant Strovilis, determined to ask to marry the beautiful, ambitious and very younger of him, Anthousa, daughter of a prominent and socially ascendant hotel owner, Mr. Spiros.

Anthousa has a secret relationship with the young and dressy Xanthoulis. Wanting to avoid this incongruous wedding without displeasing her father, Anthousa says that she will marry Koutroulis on condition that he leaves tailoring and he becomes a …Minister; something that can not be done!

The love-struck Koutroulis begins then, with the help of his servant, to buy supporters who will vote him. The competition of the Great Powers (England, France, Russia), the willingness of some publishers to be bribed, the ease with which various party leaders change political camp to get various offices in return, the vanity of some artists who promptly praise the new star of politics, the extortions, the scandals and of course the credulity of the average Greek voter will make the miracle and Koutroulis gets married to Anthousa. Everything seems to be going well until the fraud is revealed and justice intervenes...

The play continues on stage...

Dramaturgical Advising: Giannis Kalatzopoulos
Orchestration: Dimitris Lekkas
Choreography: Anastasia Theofanidou
Music Instruction: Panagiotis Barlas
Assistant Director: Marina Hatziioannou
68 performances – 20.561 spectators
Theatro Dassous (25/06/2015 - 26/06/2015)
Lazaristes Monastery (22/07/2015 - 24/07/2015)
Sykies, 'Manos Katrakis' Open Theatre (28/08/2015 - 29/08/2015)
Lazaristes Monastery - Sokratis Karantinos Stage (09/10/2015 - 10/01/2016)
Merkouria- Municipality of Sykies
1st Theatro Dassous Festival
Τhe most… “Aristophanean” comedy of modern greek theatre

The play is staged for the first time at the NTNG
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