The Empire (I Have your Data)

2014-2015 National Theatre of Northern Greece, Thessaloniki Concert Hall
The Empire (I Have your Data) - Giorgos Veltsos
Opening: Thessaloniki Concert Hall, 20/01/2015

I wrote the Empire in the dead end of time. I first saw it in the tenses of the verbs, in other words through the pedantic capacities of grammar which utters with verbs, with their cases and their modalities, all the pulsating agony of a body, when it endures the end of time and it ages revitalized, as it speaks.

As I don’t possess any other language, other than the one of the great dramaturges, foreseeing the dead end in the writing of the others, constantly recognizing in poetry the admissible condition towards theatre, knowing at the same time that this condition is not capable of revealing the play on stage, I wrote the Empire in the turmoil of writing what you cannot write, and yet performing it.

I revealed what obscures me, and this is why I delivered the Empire to Michael Marmarinos. Giannis Vouros dared to undertake this audacious task in the National Theatre of Northern Greece.

Giorgos Veltsos

Playwright: Giorgos Veltsos
Dramaturgical Advising: Mihail Marmarinos
Dramaturgical Advising: Iliana Kaladami
Dramaturgical Advising: Marilena Katranidou
Lighting: Eleftheria Deko
Assistant Director: Iliana Kaladami
Assistant Director: Marilena Katranidou
21 performances - 1.521 spectators
Thessaloniki Concert Hall (20/01/2015 - 28/02/2015)
"The Empire" is staged for the first time in NTNG.
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