The Other Side

2013-2014 National Theatre of Northern Greece, Parallaxi
The Other Side
Opening: Thessaloniki, Old Railway Station, 14/6/2014

Α testimonial theatre performance. Last century’s foreign travellers, the Beh-Tsinar, the Old Railway Station, the Bara –the largest province of brothels in the Balkans–, the rebetiko, the opium dens, the trans- portation of Jews, the Chinese populations of today’s Chinatown, the citizens, the remaining traders. The Western part of Thessaloniki is the “Other Side,” that is lost under the multiple layers of History, that are are spotted and scented by stories of people of that era and of today’s people.
The theatre as a medium that conveys the memories of a place. An “irrational” historical retrospect of the wider area of the city’s Old Train Station, that aims not only to chronicle, but also to open the dialogue between yesterday and today.

Sets: panokato7
Costumes: panokato7
2 performances - 400 spectators
Thessaloniki, Old Railway Station (14/06/2014 - 15/06/2014)
The performance, which is presented in the context of the action “West Side Story”, is a co-production of the National Theatre of Northern Greece and the parallaxi magazine.
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