1984-1985 Macedonia – Thrace Unit
Peace - Aristophanes
Repeat: Thessaloniki, Municipal Garden Theatre (Theatro Kipou), 02/08/1984
Opening: Castle of Platamonas, 14/07/1984

War has imprisoned Goddess Peace in a cave and he is preparing to put into a huge mortar all Greek cities and pound them. Trygaeus, a villager, representing the average man, afflicted mostly by the war, goes to heaven with Hermes and calls all Greeks to free Goddess Peace. The release of Goddess Peace, with Goddess Harvest, and Goddess Festival, constitutes the center of the whole play. The comedy ends with the arrival of the triumphant Trygaeus on earth, bringing Goddess Peace back to people.

Playwright: Aristophanes
Director: Kostas Tsianos
Choreography: Kostas Tsianos
Composition: Giorgos Tsagkaris
Director’s Assistant: Stefanos Hatzimihailidis
23 performances - 13.294 spectators
Castle of Platamonas (14/07/1984 - 15/07/1984)
Ancient Theatre of Philippi, Kavala (21/07/1984 - 22/07/1984)
Summer Tour (25/07/1984 - 02/09/1984)
Thessaloniki, Municipal Garden Theatre (Theatro Kipou) (02/08/1984 - 05/08/1984)
Ancient Theatre of Thassos (15/08/1984)