A Dinosaur on my Balcony

2013-2014 National Theatre of Northern Greece
A Dinosaur on my Balcony - Sakis Serefas
Opening: Classrooms, 15/01/2014

A theatrical project for primary education, based on the well-known play for children by Sakis Serefas, which refers to the history of Thessaloniki.

Playwright: Sakis Serefas
Director: Nikos Voudouris
Adaptation: Nikos Voudouris
Assistant Director: Christoforos Christoforidis
169 performances - 2.995 spectators
Classrooms (15/01/2014 - 11/04/2014)
Thessaloniki International Fair, HELEXPO (08/05/2014)
11th Thessaloniki Book Fair
Thessaloniki International Bookfair
This theatrical project is offered to primary schools without charge
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