With Musical Treats, With Voices!

2013-2014 National Theatre of Northern Greece
With Musical Treats, With Voices! - Lampros Liavas
Opening: Lazaristes Monastery - Sokratis Karantinos Stage, 19/12/2013

A musical show that ranges across the history of Thessaloniki, searching through time for the many different "sounds" of the city. Musical memories and sensations, voices and instruments, songs and dances, come together to create a charming "mosaic" in which the particular traditions of the populations that have historically inhabited Thessaloniki coexist in a dynamic dialogue. The action of the work will not be limited to the NTNG stage at the Lazaristes Monastery, but will be extended into city through the musical events, in collaboration with students in the theatre and music departments of Aristotle University and the University of Macedonia who will also be participating in the show. Moreover, in the foyer of the theatre the sounds of music will be matched with the corresponding flavours from the many different culinary traditions of Thessaloniki, making for an experience that will include all the senses!

Playwright: Lampros Liavas
Musicological research: Lampros Liavas
Director: Sofia Spyratou
Choreography: Sofia Spyratou
Orchestration: Kostas Vomvolos
Music Instruction: Elsa Mouratidou
Assistant Director: Stelios Hatziadamidis
91 performances - 40.060 spectators
Lazaristes Monastery - Sokratis Karantinos Stage (19/12/2013 - 04/05/2014)
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