The God Particle

2013-2014 National Theatre of Northern Greece, Dance and Acrobatic Troupe "and yet it mOves"
The God Particle
Opening: Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies, 16/10/2013

The dance and acrobatic troupe "and yet it mOves" along with Hainis D. Apostolakis and in cooperation with the National Theatre of Northern Greece presents The God Particle. Blending dance, acrobatics, music and the spoken word with humour and sensitivity, the show is a journey into the universe of modern physics. Ten performers (dancers, acrobats and musicians) try to understand and make understood all the terrifying happenings both great and small that leave us humans in the middle of an incomprehensible scale trying, by arranging particles colliding at the speed of light, to put the universe in order a little. It’s a show dedicated to the unflagging bravery of the human species in its ceaseless quest to understand by any and all means who we are, how everything was made, and what will eventually become of us.

Costumes: Fani Mouzaki
5 performances - 1.253 spectators
Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies (16/10/2013 - 20/10/2013)
Hainis D. Apostolakis has worked with CERN as a researcher and fellow of the University of Crete in just this field, searching for the Higgs boson
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