2012-2013 National Theatre of Northern Greece
Peace - Aristophanes
Opening: Ancient Theatre of Philippi, Kavala, 5/7/2013

War has imprisoned the goddess Peace in a cave and is preparing to throw the Greek cities into a huge pestle and give them a terrible pounding. At that moment, Trygaeus, a vine-keeper, ascends to heaven with the god Hermes and calls upon the Greeks to set Peace free. The liberation of the goddess Peace, along with Opora, the goddess of fruitfulness, and Theoria, the goddess of festivals, comprises the heart of the play. The comedy ends with the return to earth of the triumphant Trygaeus, who brings the goddess Peace back to men.

Playwright: Aristophanes
Translation: K.H. Myris
Costumes: Ersi Drini
Choreography: Kiki Baka
Music Instruction: Nikos Voudouris
Lyrics: Eleni Fotaki
Assistant Director: Fotini Baxevani
Assistant Director: Marina Hatziioannou
Assistant Choreographer: Betty Dramissioti
Special constructions: Peni Ntani
23 performances - 33.331 spectators
Ancient Theatre of Philippi, Kavala (05/07/2013 - 06/07/2013)
Theatro Dassous (10/07/2013 - 11/07/2013)
Ancient Theater at Oiniades, Messolongi (14/07/2013)
Ancient Theatre of Elida, Amaliada (17/07/2013)
Roman Oden, Patra (18/07/2013 - 19/07/2013)
Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus (26/07/2013 - 27/07/2013)
“Melina Merkouri” Vrahon Theatre, Vyronas, Athens (30/07/2013)
“Frynichos” Open Theatre, Delfoi (01/08/2013)
Theatre at Ancient Kleones - Green Theatre, Nemea (03/08/2013)
''Alkazar'' Theatre, Larissa (06/08/2013)
Siviri Amphitheatre, Halkidiki (09/08/2013)
Open Theater at Egnatia Park, Alexandroupoli (22/08/2013)
Ancient Theatre of Dion (24/08/2013)
“Frourio” Open Municipal Theatre of Trikala (26/08/2013)
Open Theatre 'Frontzos', Ioannina (30/08/2013)
Athens, Nea Smyrni (09/09/2013)
Odeon of Herodes Atticus, Athens (11/09/2013)
Thrakomakedones (13/09/2013)
Maroussi, Attica (14/09/2013)
Theatro Dassous (20/09/2013)
Athens and Epidaurus Festival
Filippoi-Thassos Festival
Kassandra Festival
Olympus Festival
Festival of the Municipality of Vyronas “In the Shadows of the Rocks”
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