Z (zita)

Z (zita)
Thessaloniki, 26/5/2012

“Z”, is a theatrical role play -homage to Grigoris Lambrakis- of the facts of the May of 1936 in the order that they occurred and performed in the same areas.

Presenting an important fact of our city’s history, like the Lambrakis Case, NTNG is trying to demonstrate the importance of Lambrakis’ dream without getting involved with politics. Lambrakis’ dream is about peace and its power to unite, and art and its power to transform violence to an artistic expression. That given, “Z” is currently NTNG’s contribution for the celebration of 100 years from the city’s liberation.

Following the facts of that day, actors of NTNG, students from the Drama School as well as volunteers participating in “Z” will recreate the facts of that day and a symbolic demonstration will follow leading to Venizelou and Egnatia streets.

Stage instructor: Giannis Rigas
We would like to thank Lambrakis family, Tsarouhas family, Vassilis Vassilikos, Kostas Gavras, Giorgos Romaios, for taking part in ““Z”. Radio Thessaloniki and ERT3, for supporting the performance, the Municipality of Thessaloniki, EKAB, OASTH, and all our institutions for their contribution in realizing the performance. I would also like to thank NTNG’s actors and actresses, the Drama School students, and all volunteers who will participate.
National Theatre of Northern Greece
At 20:00 on Ermou & Venizelou streets
Thessaloniki (26/05/2012)
Grigoris Lambrakis is still a symbol for democracy and represents every man who struggles to be free, because of his personality and action. His life and death have inspired writer Vassilis Vassilikos to write “Z”, a political novel that in 1969 became a popular film directed by Kostas Gavras and starring Yves Montand (Lambrakis), Jean Louis Trintignant (Sartzetakis), and Irene Pappas (Lambrakis’ wife).