Come and join us to Mela

2011-2012, 2012-2013 National Theatre of Northern Greece
Come and join us to Mela
Repeat: Vassiliko Theatre, 28/09/2012
Opening: Pavlou Mela Ex Military-Camp, 25/7/2012

An original combination of variety shows and songs that sealed the course of this genuine Greek folk theatrical genre, directed by Giannis Kalatzopoulos and presented from Tuesday July 17. Iasonas Trantafyllidis made the historical research and selection of texts and songs.
From the very first variety show “A Little Bit of Everything” that was performed in Athens on 30 August 1894, up to today, the play presents the highlights of our modern history as they were depicted, mocked, and finally given to us from the Variety Shows.
From Charilaos Trikoupis’ “Unfortunately, we are bankrupt” and the Balkans, to Lazopoulos’ “Surgeon Birtsimpilidis”… From “Geia sou Salonik” of World War I and the Asia Minor Catastrophe, to Sakellarios’ “Bravo Kolonello”… And from Georgia Vasiliadou to the Open Stage, NTNG’s group of 30 members and a live orchestra will perform, sing, and dance following the steps of Marika Kotopouli, Mitsos Mirat, Zaza Brilanti, Marika Nezer, Petros Kiriakou, Sofia Vembo, Vasilis Avlonitis, Georgia Vasiliadou, Sperantza Vrana, Nikos Rizos, and all other famous people of this kind.

Text selection: Iasson Triantafyllidis
Songs selection: Iasson Triantafyllidis
Choreography: Dimitris Papazoglou
Music Instruction: Elsa Mouratidou
Assistant Director: Iordanis Aivazoglou
59 performances - 8.239 spectators
Pavlou Mela Ex Military-Camp (25/07/2012 - 14/09/2012)
Vassiliko Theatre (28/09/2012 - 11/11/2012)
National Theatre of Northern Greece and the Municipality of Pavlou Mela initiate a new tradition, namely Summer Stage at the historical ex military camp Pavlou Mela
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