The Knights

2011-2012 National Theatre of Northern Greece, Acropol Theater
The Knights - Aristophanes
Opening: Theatro Dassous, 4/7/2012

"The Knights" describes the fight of Paphlagonia against the sausage seller Agoracritus, mocking the way politics is performed in order to gain public acceptance.
While Paphlagonia faces the sausage seller, the play points the finger at the demagogy used by politicians and the vices of political power, its populism and briberies, the political parties' own agendas and at the same time the naivety that often characterizes the people. It is probably the most provoking political satire by Aristophanes, which makes reference to people and events in the Peloponnesian War, but still remains contemporary in its dramaturgy.

Playwright: Aristophanes
Interpretation: Stamatis Fassoulis
Costumes: Deni Vachlioti
Choreography: Betty Dramissioti
Music supervision: Nikos Voudouris
Philological supervision: Eirini Mountraki
Assistant Director: Giorgos Lyras
Assistant Director: Athanassia Androni
Assistant Choreographer: Edgen Lame
40 performances - 56.288 spectators
Theatro Dassous (04/07/2012 - 05/07/2012)
Ancient Theatre of Philippi, Kavala (07/07/2012 - 08/07/2012)
Komotini (09/07/2012)
Serres (11/07/2012)
Open Theatre, Giannitsa (12/07/2012)
Veroia (13/07/2012)
Siviri Amphitheatre, Halkidiki (14/07/2012)
Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus (20/07/2012 - 21/07/2012)
Roman Oden, Patra (23/07/2012 - 24/07/2012)
“Katrakeio” Theatre, Nikaia, Athens (25/07/2012)
“Melina Merkouri” Vrahon Theatre, Vyronas, Athens (26/07/2012)
Technological Park of Lavrio (28/07/2012)
Petroupoli, Theatro Petras (30/07/2012)
Zakynthos (02/08/2012)
Ancient Theater at Oiniades, Messolongi (04/08/2012)
Theatre at Ancient Kleones - Green Theatre, Nemea (06/08/2012)
Chios (08/08/2012)
Mytilini, Castle Theatre (09/08/2012)
Ancient Theatre of Dion (18/08/2012)
Limnos (20/08/2012)
Ancient Theatre of Elida, Amaliada (22/08/2012)
Corfu (25/08/2012 - 26/08/2012)
Open Theatre 'Frontzos', Ioannina (27/08/2012)
Open Municipal Theatre of Kozani (28/08/2012)
''Alkazar'' Theatre, Larissa (29/08/2012)
Summer Municipal Theatre of Volos (30/08/2012)
Attiki, Vrilissia (31/08/2012)
Alsos “D. Kintis” Municipal Theatre, Ilioupoli, Attica (03/09/2012)
Athens, Galatsi (04/09/2012)
Salamina (06/09/2012)
Athens, Nea Smyrni (07/09/2012)
Garden Theatre, Papagou, Athens (08/09/2012)
Veakeio Theatre, Piraeus (11/09/2012)
Odeon of Herodes Atticus, Athens (13/09/2012)
Halandri, Athens (15/09/2012)
Athens and Epidaurus Festival
Olympus Festival
International 'Petras' Festival
Patras Festival
Kassandra Festival
"The Knights" is the first among the surviving plays by Aristophanes. The play is primarily a political comedy performed in 424 BC at the Lenaia festival where it won the first prize. The play features serious criticism of Cleon, the leader of the Democratics, while the role was held by Aristophanes himself, since no other actor would dare to play the part.
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