2011-2012 National Theatre of Northern Greece
Thirst - Evelina Papoulia, Mary Kaldara
Opening: Lazaristes Monastery - Studio Theatre, 27/4/2012

The play is presented within the framework of the "Social Theatre Shop".

The Thirst of human beings, their arrogance, and their desire to gain recognition and glory transform them into "energy vampires". They may even commit the most hideous crimes in order to get what they crave for. People suck up the energy from the ones who are truly gifted and present others' accomplishments as their own. Whenever the creator turns his back to glory, he is trashed by the system.
Harry Zand is a talented musician who nevertheless counts a number of failures. All his life, he has fought not to become a part of the system, but there comes a day when his old friend Tsastiti reappears to him, now changed and successful as an artistic manager. Following the approval of music producer Flanders and the managing company's owner Blanchsard, Harry begins the career he has always been dreaming of. The role of the catalyst to his success is held by the Woman without a name, who becomes the front singer in the group Zand The Band. Nevertheless, Harry is faced with an inner battle. His body energy decreases and his defence collapses. He is fighting to hold on. The people who surround him change, they transform, and they trash him.
"People always change. Your experience, your own life, determines who you are. What about the values? People keep bringing them up; telling everybody they have deeply established values inside of them! But everything changes and values are the first on the change list. Human beings are made of the most pliable material. Human beings can live and survive by adapting to the circumstances! They adjust themselves and discover alibis to compromise. Humankind is marvellous; the acts and the limits of human beings are always a surprise. Depending on the circumstances, human beings live and change. Above all, they will change because of glory! Never-ending transformations of glory urge human beings to change in their attempt to soothe their thirst for glory!"

Evelina Papoulia, Mary Kaldara
Translated by Marianna Kaplatzi

Playwright: Evelina Papoulia
Playwright: Mary Kaldara
Lighting: Stathis Mitsios
Costumes: Eri Lotou
Video Art: Stathis Mitsios
Choreography: Evelina Papoulia
Choreography: Poly Voikou
Movement: Poly Voikou
Assistant Director: Aliki Bobota
3 performances - 300 spectators
Lazaristes Monastery - Studio Theatre (27/04/2012 - 29/04/2012)
The audience is encouraged to contribute by offering food products with extended shelf life to be delivered to social care institutions, instead of paying for the ticket price
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