The Maids

2011-2012 National Theatre of Northern Greece
The Maids - Jean Genet
Opening: Lazaristes Monastery - Studio Theatre, 4/5/2012

The play is presented within the framework of the "Social Theatre Shop".

GEORGE: Having no safe truths to be based upon, but only based on their anyway limited knowledge, receiving only “enigmatic answers”, but at the same time fostering unconditional faith towards the actor, who is getting submerged in the dreamy theatrical game, while they keep their newborn eyes wide open, the MAIDS and their MISTRESS, by means of their own monstrous and generous sensitivities -and by Genet’s divine right- come face to face with the puppet of the newer, civilized humanity, through cries and whispers…
KATERINA: Drawing upon Genet’s play “The Maids”, we expose before your senses our best as well as our worst self -not feeling the need to cover our wounds- knowing that when there is a goal, our quest acquires another, different meaning. In any case, we choose to be part of those who prefer taking responsibility for their life and not hiding behind concepts, such as “faith”, or random routes within the infinity. We want to dream, being aware of the existence of nightmares…This is Genet’s work to us. Our dream, just as our nightmare. Or so to speak: Life.
CHRYSA: Courage, honesty, being able to see clear, to reach the inside. Mine. Yours. Claire or Solange or Claire…a blurry dream. Our last moment demands. For fear. For beauty. Claire, I’m gonna neigh for joy.
MARIANNA: Good or bad? Truth or lie? Beauty or ugliness? Dream and nightmare, ritual and atmosphere. What is it? Is it a game? Is it theatre?
No, it cannot be, there must be some point of view somewhere…

Translated by Thomi Gkamagkari

Playwright: Jean Genet
5 performances - 500 spectators
Lazaristes Monastery - Studio Theatre (04/05/2012 - 10/05/2012)
The audience is encouraged to contribute by offering food products with extended shelf life to be delivered to social care institutions, instead of paying for the ticket price
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