The Wedding Song

1982-1983 National Theatre of Northern Greece
The Wedding Song - Notis Pergialis
Opening: Theatro Dassous, 11/06/1982

A lyric poetic drama, a Greek myth, a hard ethnography narrating the drama of honor of a family describing the manners and customs of the time it was written (1947) through famous images of our popular dramaturgy. Thus, we see the dishonored daughter who gets crazy because of a forced undesirable marriage, her murder by her older brother, the death of this last through the revenging knife of the younger brother, the father who dodders between the family honor and the paternal love and the crazy apologist of the village, who accepts as a deforming mirror the dirt and the madness of this world. All characters are destroyed by the conflict of their social role, with their existential being and their experiences. The killing of the will for life, and more specifically, the murder of the dishonored sister from her family, in 1949, took the dimensions of a shout of protest against violence, patriarchic obscurantism, social prejudice and the form of a desperate song for life and love.

Playwright: Notis Pergialis
Costumes: Nikos Politis
Composition: Giorgos Tsagkaris
Choreography: Daniel Lommel
8 performances - 4.048 spectators
Theatro Dassous (11/06/1982 - 20/06/1982)
Ancient Theatre of Philippi, Kavala (14/08/1982 - 15/08/1982)