Ypatia - Theofilos Fragkopoulos
Opening: Avlaia Theatre, Thessaloniki, 27/03/1982

'Ypatia' is a play referring to the verge of early 5th A.D. century where a lot of historic events are compressed dramaturgically and characters symbolizing the struggle for power in a multinational big city as Alexandria, parade, being the vehicles of various religions, heresies, nations, ideologies. A peculiar play referring to a controversial period, very little historically enlightened by the pro -Byzantines chroniclers. It is a story of a special woman, the Neoplatonist Ypatia, and her course towards death. Principal 'hero' of the play is the religious fanaticism and its victim, the symbol of Knowledge, the philosopher Ypatia, who had the misfortune to live on the verge of the meeting of different worlds and historical periods.

Costumes: Giorgos Ziakas
15 performances - 1.132 spectators
Avlaia Theatre, Thessaloniki (27/03/1982 - 11/04/1982)