Aman Amen

2011-2012 National Theatre of Northern Greece, Acropol Theater
Aman Amen
Repeat: Acropol Theater, 17/2/2012
Opening: Vassiliko Theatre, 30/12/2011

“Rebetiko” songs are the songs of a vision of a better life, of dreams that didn’t come true, of eternal reminisce of beauty, of sacred lust, of disregarding fear, of challenging fate and calmly battling death.

The cry “Aman” that comes from within meets “Amen” of a prayer. Drawing a straight line that unites the Byzantine part with Rebetiko and the songs of Asia Minor, we see love, passion, lust, nostalgia, fate, death, dreams for a better life, freedom deprivation, and migration travelling together. This is how Stavros Xarhakos understood these sounds of the past and presented a music performance under the title “Aman Amen”. A performance that you can both see and listen to, having old and new compositions, folklore and popular features, and a spirit of religious sincerity.

Costumes: Ersi Drini
Scenic painting: Giorgos Stathopoulos
Sound director: Nikolaos Rountos
Production managment: Fanis Kirkinezos
Production supervision: Pandora Xarchakou
Assistant Director: Pandora Xarchakou
52 performances - 24.046 spectators
Vassiliko Theatre (30/12/2011 - 29/01/2012)
Acropol Theater (17/02/2012 - 08/04/2012)
Each of the two parts of the performance has three categories. There are songs of death, of opium den, and of the East.
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