Agamoi Thytai... Civil Servants

2011-2012 National Theatre of Northern Greece
Agamoi Thytai... Civil Servants
Opening: Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies, 11/11/2011

Agamoi Thytai are back - like IMF - occupying the stage of the NTNG's Society for Macedonian Studies, presenting new satiric labor reserve programs, having an extreme "haircut" and giving a radically populist show, embellished by irrationality exclusively adapted to the latest, theatrical conditions of the southern Loan-land. Wiser, thus sorrier, they respond to the country's call and they return once again, in a European spirit but with an oriental fiscal nonchalance, to present the virtues of the race at floating rates of laughter or sweet melancholy, given that there's plenty of money but it's none ours. Albeit dependent on the 6th trance of loans, they are high on satire methadone and they move forward determined to become a GOC of the future with a human face, which will put focus on development through the production of fish-glue flavored wholemeal yoghurts. They use their vitriolic prose and song-and-dance routines to renew last year's memorandum, in an effort to solve their unsettled debt towards the nation, that of resisting general depression through comedy and laughter.

Costumes: Ersi Drini
Choreography: Poly Voikou
Music supervision: B.Gatz
Director’s Assistant: Asteris Peltekis
Production supervision: Juanjo Corrales
93 performances - 39.843 spectators
Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies (11/11/2011 - 31/03/2012)
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