Tin City

2011-2012 NTNG Children's Stage
Tin City - Evgenia Fakinou
Opening: Vassiliko Theatre, 30/10/2011

Tin City is a city different from the others. It is not made of bricks, stone, concrete or glass. It is entirely built of tins. And its inhabitants are…what else? Tin cans. Empty, rusty, old tin cans. They all ended up in a dump and they decided to make their own city, so as they can leave on their own at peace. The tin cans living here have strange names: Sardelas (Sardines), Militsa (Apples), Voutirenios (Buttery), Sofos (Wise), Okay-bam-bam. Before thrown away, Sardelas carried sardines, Militsa carried apple compote, Voutirenios carried butter, Okay-bam-bam carried coca-cola and Sofos coffee. They were all very happy in Tin City, till one day… Our familiar tin cans come to life at National Theater of Northern Greece’s performance, in an original combination of object theater, black theater and animated cartoons. An atmospheric, joyful performance set with the use of useless materials, modern technology and theatrical effects!

Playwright: Evgenia Fakinou
Director: Fotini Baxevani
Costumes: Giorgos Koftis
Constructions: Giorgos Koftis
Video Art: Giorgos Koftis
Music Instruction: Nikos Voudouris
Director’s Assistant: Domna Kavakidou
119 performances - 61.311 spectators
Vassiliko Theatre (30/10/2011 - 26/02/2012)
Athens, Badminton Theater (03/03/2012 - 08/04/2012)
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