The Dybbuk

2011-2012 National Theatre of Northern Greece, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, NTNG International activities
The Dybbuk - Bruce Myers
Repeat: Theatre of Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, 21/3/2012
Opening: Society for Macedonian Studies - new HYPEROON STAGE, 25/12/2011

A man and a woman shudder from the dominant rhythm of love. They wish to be united, as the old oath their parents made demands. But the oath is breeched. The man dies of sorrow, but his spirit, that can’t find just, shall possess the body of his beloved and deny leaving it, by that defying the laws that separate the deceased from the living.
And so the story of “The Dybbuk” begins. It is a story about the intense presence of love and God and not a story about their absence.

Playwright: Bruce Myers
Translation: Louiza Mitsakou
Costumes: Ersi Drini
Director’s Assistant: Viki Hatzopoulou
Art Distribution Note
Kabbalah teaching by Professor Stefanos Rozanis.
The play is based on the so-named work by Shalom Anski
45 performances - 4.572 spectators
Society for Macedonian Studies - new HYPEROON STAGE (25/12/2011 - 05/02/2012)
“Ivan Vazov” National Theatre, Sofia, Bulgaria (17/02/2012 - 18/02/2012)
Albania, National Theatre of Tirana (02/03/2012 - 03/03/2012)
Maly Theatre, Moscow, Russia (16/03/2012 - 17/03/2012)
Theatre of Michael Cacoyannis Foundation (21/03/2012 - 01/04/2012)
“The Dybbuk” inaugurates the “International Stage” of NTNG that aims to present productions abroad, making its presence known to the foreign scene.
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