“May Music follow the end of my life…”

2010-2011 National Theatre of Northern Greece, Ministry of Culture and Tourism
“May Music follow the end of my life…”
Opening: Vassiliko Theatre, 06/09/2011

Ancient Greek drama and Arabic tradition: common aesthetic lines, centred on lamentation. Preserving the cultural elements of each nation separately, we present their similarities in a new dramaturgy. In our myth, once a year, those who died go to the mortals in order to share the most beautiful music but only after exchanging their stories – for in the world of the dead everybody plays music. “May Music follow the end of my life…”, Alcestes speaks, while leaving this world. The “Eternal Musicians” will ask for her story and, upon the arrival of Admitos and the Chorus, we will attend the lamentation, as it is presented in Greek drama. Laments from Arabic women will follow in order to take us to the Thousand and One Nights, where another one of the King’s wives has just left the world. Among these women, Sehrazad will appear and with her courage she will transform this tragic fate for all women.
Love, death, music: common language, common references for these two nations, for all nations.

Eugenia Arsenis

Director: Eugenia Arsenis
Dramaturg: Ioanna Karamanou
Dramaturg: Eugenia Arsenis
Costumes: Ilias Lois
Advisor on Arabic culture: Gerassimos Makris
Assistant Director:
3 performances - 600 spectators
Vassiliko Theatre (06/09/2011 - 08/09/2011)
Attendance is free
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