Everything in the Garden

Everything in the Garden - Edward Albee
Opening: Avlaia Theatre, Thessaloniki, 21/11/1981

Everything in the garden' is a caustic presentation of the modern tendency of the Americans to obtain by all means, legitimate or illegitimate, villas with gardens and greenhouses. Albee satirizes the American way of life, and launches his great 'I Accuse'. His heroes, middle bourgeois of the everyday American reality, strive, hunting for dollars, for the amelioration of their life and principally for the acquisition of the title of the 'successful'. Through weakness or incapability, the spiritually and ethically sterile characters, refuse to see the futile of the American Dream and arrive to murder so as to maintain it. According to Albee, the American Dream is no longer identifying only with success, as success must also be expressed by a beautiful, expensive house in the suburbs, including a garden and a greenhouse. These three words, (house, garden, greenhouse) characterize the average of Americans' objectives, through which, they try to satisfy the instinct of self-preservation.

Playwright: Edward Albee
Director: Koula Antoniadi
Translation: Grigoris Arzoglou
Costumes: Lea Koussi
Composition: Mimis Plessas
45 performances - 8.027 spectators
Avlaia Theatre, Thessaloniki (21/11/1981 - 26/01/1982)
Athens, “Ekfrasi '82” (20/04/1982 - 21/04/1982)