NTNG Dance Theatre in the Museums

2010-2011 NTNG Dance Theatre
NTNG Dance Theatre in the Museums
Opening: Teloglion Fine Arts Foundation of AUTh, 30/01/2011

The Dance Theatre of NTNG, in the framework of cooperation established between NTNG and museums in the city of Thessaloniki, will present five interesting dance performances, choreographed and directed by sinequanon dance company.

Each of the subsequent events to be presented is a different choreography based on the dialectical relationship created in the space and the corresponding exhibition held in each museum. The format of the final result emerges from a different treatment in relation to the geometry of space, always featuring the fragmentation of form and fluidity of movement.

Choreography: SINEQUANON
Attendance is free
Teloglion Fine Arts Foundation of AUTh (30/01/2011 - 08/02/2011)
Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki (12/02/2011 - 19/02/2011)
MOMus - Museum of Contemporary Art (20/02/2011)
Museum of Byzantine Culture (20/02/2011)
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