The Snowman And The Girl

2010-2011 NTNG Children's Stage
The Snowman And The Girl - Evgenios Trivizas
Opening: Vassiliko Theatre, 31/10/2010

''…Calling upon the sensitive and tender fairytale of Eygenios Trivizas as their raw material, a group of young actors makes use of the theatre of convention. They venture to discover the theatrical codes they can communicate to their primary audience, the children. It’s the audience who has the ability to see the unseen, touch the untouchable and converse with the unspoken which cannot fit into words themselves…'' Extract from the director’s note

Playwright: Evgenios Trivizas
Music supervision: Kosmas Efremidis
Kinesiology: Kaliopi Sfika
Assistant Director: Eva Koumandraki
98 performances - 33.931 spectators
Vassiliko Theatre (31/10/2010 - 17/04/2011)