2010-2011 National Theatre of Belgrade - Serbia, Dimitria, Theatre Stage "Open Borders"
Bachhae - Euripides
Opening: Vassiliko Theatre, 13/10/2010

Talking about common opinion that Greek drama is something boring and static, the director is representative of future audience during rehearsals and I don't accept to be bored while I work. The "Bacchae" have that Shakespearean moment-there is no tragedy without a comedy. Comical and funny parts exist only to make the tragedy even more severe at the end. i don't expect the modern audience anywhere, be it in Stockholm, Berlin or Belgrade, to know the whole Greek mythology, therefore the play is based neither on mythical nor on historic point of view. During rehearsals we talked about the 60's, about how everything was great - there was free love, sex, Woodstock, flower power, music, everything that was out of ordinary, very strict society. But then, only a few years later, there was a war in Vietnam, murder of Sharon Tate Polanski and events in Manson's house. The thing that started as mild, pleasurable and loving turned into brutality.
Director's note

Playwright: Euripides
Lighting: Torben Lendorph
Dramaturge: Slavco Milanovic
Music supervision: Staffan Valdemar Holm
2 performances - 466 spectators
Vassiliko Theatre (13/10/2010 - 14/10/2010)
Performed in serbian with surtitles in Greek.