2010-2011 Dimitria, Theatre Stage "Open Borders", National Theatre of Tirana – Albania
Helectra - Sophocles
Opening: Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies, 29/09/2010

"Electra" is brought from ancient as an artistic provocation to audience by Tirana National Theater. It is a performance that renders the everlasting tragic present, keeping the original attraction and composition created by Sophocles - the great tragic author. Through explores Electra’ character, the play persists protest, where senses, movement, feelings, rhythms, sounds, plastics and mannerisms merge together captivating Electra phenomenon. As a result, the scenic act is created as an "Electra Universe", where the extremely hate and revenge, which come as a result of the huge witness inheritance of human suffering, are risen up and cohabit.
Director's note

Playwright: Sophocles
Director: Adonis Filipi
Costumes: Blagoj Micevski
Choreography: Mariela Nestora
Performance text: Laert Vasili
Director’s Assistant: Andon Koco
2 performances - 248 spectators
Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies (29/09/2010 - 30/09/2010)
Performed in albanian with surtitles in Greek.
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