Action Venue

Action Venue
Lazaristes Monastery - Studio Theatre, 06/05/2010

“We want the young and we want them now”

From May 6th to June 17th the Moni Lazariston Small Theatre will turn into an expression ground and meeting point of young groups working in the fields of theatre, dance, music, street art, hip hop, acrobatics, graffiti, visual arts, creative writing, photography, artistic installations with the help of modern technology and any other form of contemporary expression and creation.

During the Action Venue events, 28 groups of alternative expression and creative force will present their artistic proposals giving a fresh outlook and innovative ideas in a versatile range of actions and choices. Among them features an original theatre play written with the synthesis of 2000 sms by the listeners of 9,58 fm radio station of ΕRΤ 3 staged at Moni Lazariston Small Theatre of the NTNG, six explosive streetdance groups presenting impressive choreographies inspired by well-known theatre plays, three theatre groups working in re-habilittion and withdrawal centers, a dance theatre with scenes from the life of the Roma from the Cultural Educational Society “Hope” of Drosero, Xanth,i together with many unexpected happenings. Every day members of ‘Opsis’ Photography Club of the Municipality of Stavroupoli will use their cameras to capture scenes from the performances, the events, the rehearsals and the backstage moments of the “Action Venue”

The NTNG offers the venue, the technical infrastructure as well as the technical and assisting personnel with no economic charge to the young people and the groups of Thessaloniki and Northern Greece giving them a chance to present their work. At the same time, it widely embraces and avidly awaits the city’s audience, most of all its younger part.

NTNG/ Experimental Stage
29 performances - 2.640 spectators
Lazaristes Monastery - Studio Theatre (06/05/2010 - 17/06/2010)
Admission is free