Aulularia - Plauto
Repeat: Theatro Dassous, 23/09/1978
Opening: Alexandroupoli, 24/06/1978

The theatre of Plautus is a panorama of human characters that parade on stage showing their comic aspect. Euclio, the principal hero of Tsoukalas is a compulsive miser who later consisted an inspiration for Moliere's 'The Miser'. In the play we see all the elements, which characterize the language of the Roman comedy writer: clearly comic motives, a quick rhythm, rough jokes, immediacy, a complicated action, and continuously accelerated plot. Trough the accumulation of adventures and surprises, disguises, misunderstandings and recognitions, Plautus proved to be a master of theatrical making and his plays constitute a perfectly tuned up machine.

Playwright: Plauto
Translation: Kyriazis Haratsaris
Costumes: Nikos Politis
Composition: Giannis Markopoulos
50 performances - 24.120 spectators
Spring Tour (24/06/1978 - 10/09/1978)
Ancient Theatre of Philippi, Kavala (05/08/1978 - 06/08/1978)
Ancient Theatre of Thassos (12/08/1978)
Municipal Park, Litohoro (15/08/1978)
Lycabettus Theatre, Athens (16/09/1978 - 17/09/1978)
Theatro Dassous (23/09/1978 - 24/09/1978)