Laurels Bitter Laurels

2009-2010, 2010-2011 Macedonia – Thrace Unit
Laurels Bitter Laurels - Dimitris Kehaidis, Eleni Haviara
Repeat: Vassiliko Theatre, 22/10/2010
Opening: “Sfakianaki” Hall, Ormenio, Evros, 26/02/2010

1977... 2010. Thirty years since its premiere, Kehaides-Haviara’s work sounds as contemporary as ever. Four men in the province try to promote their favourable candidates in the pre-election period in order to secure personal interests. Four friends get into combat, verbally and physically on the altar of power and the game, outlining their character before us. Diachronic and straightforward, the play shines like a golden mirror of Greek reality. The means of elections may have changed, but the tactic remains the same….a tactic favouring the rats of politics and serving in their interest political ethics, tactics, intrigues, conspiracies, all talk, truthful lies and false truths. Fragile friendships, blackmails and scheme plotting of the party leaders in a game of power sketch a reality that is ever-present in the course of time. A truly powerful piece of theatre, a theatre act which genetically brings us against ourselves. A Greek play with highly folk elements and sense of ‘Greekness’ that escapes social comedy and depicts the events that make up the absurdity of social structure with a clear Greek language as its main tool […] Giorgos Kiourtsidis

Playwright: Dimitris Kehaidis
Playwright: Eleni Haviara
Music supervision: Giorgos Kiourtsidis
Lighting: Tassos Dailidis
Director’s Assistant: Roula Angelidou
52 performances - 7.497 spectators
“Sfakianaki” Hall, Ormenio, Evros (26/02/2010)
Municipal Theatre of Orestiada (27/02/2010)
Municipal Theatre of Soufli (28/02/2010)
Cultural Centre of Metaxades (02/03/2010)
Municipal Theatre of Didymoteiho (03/03/2010)
Municipal Theatre of Feres (04/03/2010)
Municipal Theatre of Alexandroupoli (05/03/2010)
Conference Centre of Sapes (06/03/2010)
Municipal Theatre of Maroneia (07/03/2010)
Municipality Hall, Avdira (10/03/2010)
Primary School of Stavroupoli, Xanthi (11/03/2010)
Komotini, Politistiko Kyttaro (13/03/2010)
Prosotsani (14/03/2010)
Xanthi (17/03/2010)
Amygdaleonas, Cultural Association Hall (18/03/2010)
Secondary School of Krinides (19/03/2010)
Doxato, Gymnasium (20/03/2010)
Democracy Building, Eleftheroupoli (21/03/2010)
Asprovalta, Thessaloniki (23/03/2010)
Kato Nevrokopi (24/03/2010)
Municipal Theatre of Chrysoupoli (25/03/2010)
Cinema in Rodolivos (26/03/2010)
Amphitheatre, Drama (27/03/2010)
Stavros, Thessaloniki (28/03/2010)
Herakleia, Serres (07/04/2010)
Nigrita, Serres (08/04/2010)
Municipal Theatre of Polygyros (09/04/2010)
Cultural Center of Arnaia (10/04/2010)
Cultural Centre of Giannitsa (16/04/2010)
Conference Centre, Kilkis (17/04/2010)
Cultural Centre of Ptolemaida (20/04/2010)
Cultural Centre of Florina (21/04/2010)
Kastoria (24/04/2010)
Grevena (25/04/2010)
"Megas Alexandros" Theatre, Edessa (27/04/2010)
Municipal Theatre of Naoussa (28/04/2010)
Municipal and Regional Theatre of Serres (02/05/2010)
Municipal Theater of Polichni, Thessaloniki (04/05/2010)
Sohos (08/05/2010)
Open Municipal theatre of Efkarpia, Thessaloniki (10/06/2010)
Open Municipal Theatre of Neapoli, Thessaloniki (01/09/2010)
Vassiliko Theatre (22/10/2010 - 05/11/2010)