The Grouch - The Girl From Samos

1975-1976 National Theatre of Northern Greece
The Grouch - The Girl From Samos - Menander
Repeat: Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies, 12/11/1975
Opening: Komotini, 04/07/1975

Athens, in the last third of the 4th century, offers a new dramatic kind in the evolution of the theatre, named 'New Attic Comedy' and a great creator, Menander. It's the time when the political comedy has become a comedy of manners and the interest has been shifted from the church into the house, without stopping dealing with the important problems of people. The 'The Grouch (Dyskolos)' is a strange character that ends in hating all people. Only when he falls in a well and people who he didn't want to associate with, save him, he conforms to them and gives his assent in what they ask him. 'The Girl from Samos (Samia)' reminds of a comedy of misunderstandings and it's characterized for its excellent plot. It involves the love relations of the rich father Dimeas with the concubine Chrysida and the advanced relations of his son Moschionas with a poor girl from the neighbourhood. It is thus created a thrilling game of misunderstandings to the time that everything clears up and the play ends with a happy marriage.

α. -
Playwright: Menander
Director: Mihalis Bouhlis
Costumes: Giannis Migadis
Composition: Mimis Plessas
Choreography: Andreas Peris
Assistant Director: Giorgos Fourniadis
β. -
Playwright: Menander
Translation: Tassos Roussos
Costumes: Giorgos Pivolos
Assistant Director: Giorgos Fourniadis
47 performances - 32.660 spectators
Summer Tour (04/07/1975 - 31/08/1975)
Ancient Theatre of Philippi, Kavala (12/07/1975 - 13/07/1975)
Ancient Theatre of Thassos (24/07/1975)
Ancient Theatre of Dion (09/08/1975 - 10/08/1975)
Municipal Theatre of Kastella, Piraeus (23/08/1975 - 24/08/1975)
Ancient Theatre of Dimitriada, Volos (31/08/1975)
Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies (12/11/1975 - 16/01/1976)
Summer Tour (27/06/1976 - 02/07/1976)
Filippoi-Thassos Festival
Olympus Festival