1973-1974 NTNG/ Experimental Stage
Fiakas - Dimosthenis Missitzis
Opening: Avlaia Theatre, Thessaloniki, 14/02/1974

The name of the play comes from the word fiaka meaning roguery, from which word Misitzis baptized his hero so as to indicate his character better. This character battles for an easy life, changes professions, he's all evasions, charms with his histrionics and moves the artless and the naives who become victims of his craftiness. The play is a social satire, which uses gross jests and gives the impression of an improvised scenic play.

Director: Koula Antoniadi
Adaptation: Koula Antoniadi
Composition: Giorgos Tsagkaris
Choreography: Kiki Agrafiotou
92 performances - 32.658 spectators
Avlaia Theatre, Thessaloniki (14/02/1974 - 22/03/1974)
Spring Tour (17/04/1974 - 02/06/1974)