The Metaphysics of a Two-Headed Calf

The Metaphysics of a Two-Headed Calf - Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz
Opening: Avlaia Theatre, Thessaloniki, 01/11/1973

An exotic play presenting an adolescent and his dreams against the problems and the nightmares of the establishment. The text is ironic and satiric and at the same time has a poetic character. Characteristic of the polish theatre as well as of this play is that it embraces the matters of the Poland and its people with a plain sense of humor and love for the grotesque element. The ironical aspect of things is used so as the weaknesses and the faults to be revealed while the disfigurement and the grotesque element being so different from the naturalistic picture of reality, describe life in accordance with the deep and the absolute truth.

Director: Koula Antoniadi
Translation: Koula Antoniadi
Composition: Giorgos Tsagkaris
44 performances - 5.419 spectators
Avlaia Theatre, Thessaloniki (01/11/1973 - 16/11/1973)