The Circus

The Circus - Nikos Zakopoulos
Opening: Avlaia Theatre, Thessaloniki, 14/12/1972

The play is a dramatic satire with a symbolic character. It treats the shattering of man under the consequences of the technocratic omnipotence and of the modern aspects of life (confusion, violence, tourism, publicity, gain and consumption mania, construction of symbols, inhumain societies etc). The lack of humanism transforms the society into a circus where everybody performs a tragic-comic turn. This play is about the story of an unimportant couple that rises in an ideal symbol because of a small accident. The woman gets wounded and becomes temporarily invalid and the man carries her on his back. Thus, the couple rises into a symbol, performing its 'turn' in real life. The Woman becomes the incarnation of the trap that the Evil sets up in the human-Man inviting him in a merciless combat.

Playwright: Nikos Zakopoulos
Director: Mairi Vostantzi
Costumes: Mairi Vostantzi
Music supervision: Mairi Vostantzi
Composition: Markos Douvis
39 performances - 7.186 spectators
Avlaia Theatre, Thessaloniki (14/12/1972 - 14/01/1973)