Hetaerae Dialogues

Hetaerae Dialogues - Lukianos
Opening: Quarry Theatre of Chelidonopetra, Maroneia, Thrace, 06/07/2008

'Whereas according to the myth in antiquity hetaerae were beautiful and wealthy powerful women, Loukianos depicts them as unsophisticated working-class persons. They lived in an era when prostitution was thriving in the Athenian society which in turn was experiencing great decline. Different types of women are illustrated through an interconnected composition of dialogues. They talk to us adout their lives, we see their anxietis and needs, always imperishable for every woman. Loukianos does not wish to 'preach', nor does he wish to change the world. The hetaerae offer him the opportunity to banter, to outline human characters, to shock and become sarcastic'. Lefteris Giovanidis

Playwright: Lukianos
Costumes: Rania Yfantidou
Composition: Thodoris Ekonomou
Choreography: Zoi Hatziantoniou
1 performance - 800 spectators
Quarry Theatre of Chelidonopetra, Maroneia, Thrace (06/07/2008)
In the framework of: 'N.T.N.G. BUILDING INFRASTRUCTURE CULTURAL EGNATIA' 3rd C.F.S. E.P. 'CULTURE 2000-2006' AXIS Contemporary Culture Development, INITIATIVE 2.1 CO-FOUNDED 75% BY THE ERDF and 25% BY NATIONAL FUNDING.
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