2007-2008 National Theatre of Northern Greece
Hamlet - William Shakespeare
Opening: Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies, 13/04/2008

Oskaras Korsunovas admits that his goal is to stage contemporary dramaturgy as classical and classical dramaturgy as if it were contemporary. Therefore, Hamlet is not a historical play which reproduces the atmosphere of times long gone. On the contrary, it reveals and helps us comprehend the present, the director's generation, which he describes as follows:

''It is a generation living in a certain kind of erotic misconception as opposed to the real world. It is a methodical generation, well adopted and content with itself. At the same time, it is immature and unwilling to make decisions which are necessary for adults. Today, nobody talks about the necessity of change, but only about the need for safety. This generation seems to live behind a curtain which is separated from reality; we need to rip this curtain to shreds as this deceptive serenity and security can prove to be extremely dangerous. Therefore, we are in desperate need of an ironhanded self-analysis so that we may understand our environment and our energies. This is the only way to protect our future, which is shaped by us and not by political or advertising slogans''..

Another important and veiled issue of the play which, at the moment is of great interest to the director is the interaction between theatre and reality. ''What happens when two realities life and the theatre meet? What kind of reality is born from this interaction? Is the 'mouse trap' placed by theatre effective in life?'', asks the director.

1 performance at 5 p.m. - Attendance is free
Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies (13/04/2008)
The Europe Theatre Prize is organized in the framework of: "NTNG BUILDING FACILITIES CULTURAL EGNATIA" 3RD COMMUNITY SUPPORT FRAMEWORK "CULTURE 2000-2006" AXIS Development of modern culture, MEASURE 2.1 CO-FINANCED 75% BY THE ERDF and 25% BY NATIONAL FUNDS.
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