Zone of silence

Zone of silence - Nikolai Kalezin, Natalia Koliada, Vladimir Serban
Opening: Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies, 12/04/2008

''The play Zone of Silence is comprised of three independent chapters on various taboos which are never openly discussed in the Belarus society.

Chapter 1. 'Childhood legends'. (Concept by Nikolai Khalezin, Natalya Kolyada and Vladimir Scherban). The actors narrate three stories from their childhood: humiliation at the day nursery, a suicide attempt caused by a love letdown, the relationship with a father who was imprisoned twice, the last meeting with a mother at the hospital Each story attempts to answer the question "how do childhood scars affect our lives". The play ends with the story of a ten year-old Belarussian girl, Vika Moroz, who became a hostage of today's political system in Belarus and was separated from the Italian family that raised her.

Chapter 2. 'Diverse'. (Concept by Vladimir Scherban). The actors spoke for hours with a marginal Belarussian, collecting information about their lives, their characters, their personal joys and tragedies. The play is a panorama of the "other" people, who test the pressures of an unfair social animosity: a black homosexual Belarussian, a lonely woman who fell in love with Lenin, a homeless person with a passion for dance... What made them marginal characters? Why did they become 'different'?

Chapter 3. 'Numbers'. (Concept by Vladimir Scherban). The actors attempt to comprehend the raw numbers of Belarussian statistics, through a non-verbal communication with the audience. Why does Belarus have the highest number of suicides in Europe? How many newborns are deserted at maternity centres, because their parents are unable to raise them? How many Belarussians are unemployed and how many are below the poverty level?'' Excerpt from the notes of director Vladimir Scherban.

Playwright: Nikolai Kalezin
Playwright: Natalia Koliada
Director: Vladimir Serban
Playwright: Vladimir Serban
Theatrical organization: Belarus Free Theatre
1 performance at 10:00 p.m. - Attendance is free
Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies (12/04/2008)
The Europe Theatre Prize is organized in the framework of: "NTNG BUILDING FACILITIES CULTURAL EGNATIA" 3RD COMMUNITY SUPPORT FRAMEWORK "CULTURE 2000-2006" AXIS Development of modern culture, MEASURE 2.1 CO-FINANCED 75% BY THE ERDF and 25% BY NATIONAL FUNDS.
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