Generation Jeans

Generation Jeans - Nikolai Kalezin, Natalia Koliada
Repeat: Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies, 11/04/2008
Opening: Belarus, 17/03/2006

''A monologue about jeans, rock music and freedom. The story takes place in the Soviet Union, where jeans and rock n' roll are forbidden. If someone sells jeans, they get arrested by the KGB. Then it moves to today's totalitarian regime in Belarus, narrating the arrests -even kidnappings- of its key protagonist and his friends. It is an ode to the generations of people who are not binded by age limits and who struggle for their country's freedom...'' Excerpt from the notes of director Nikolai Khalezin.

Playwright: Nikolai Kalezin
Director: Nikolai Kalezin
Playwright: Natalia Koliada
Theatrical organization: Belarus Free Theatre
Performed in Russian with simultaneous translation in English and French and surtitles in Greek. Runing time, 1 hour and 30 minutes
Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies (11/04/2008)
The Europe Theatre Prize is organized in the framework of: "NTNG BUILDING FACILITIES CULTURAL EGNATIA" 3RD COMMUNITY SUPPORT FRAMEWORK "CULTURE 2000-2006" AXIS Development of modern culture, MEASURE 2.1 CO-FINANCED 75% BY THE ERDF and 25% BY NATIONAL FUNDS.
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