Cleansed - Sarah Kane
Repeat: Vassiliko Theatre, 10/04/2008
Opening: Poland, 15/12/2001

'' 'Cleansed' is a personal confession. We found ourselves in a similar situation: sitting at a table and confessing to each another. We couldn't be original in the face of such personal statements. In order to avoid deceit, we had to recollect our own pain, our own disharmony with the world. Austrian actress Renate Jett wanted to quit; during one of the first rehearsals she said: ''I'm sorry but I just returned from a countryside full of meadows and mountains, and I don't wish to belong to the world described in this play''. Jacek Poniedzia3ek, who plays one of the homosexuals, had to develop a sincere affection for his lover. Sarah Kane's homosexuals are not the conventional heroes of American theatre. They are severely detached and exposed like guinea pigs: they have no tongue, no hands or legs. Theatre must impel us. This is the only kind of theatre that interests me. I have seen many soul-stirring plays. After watching them, I felt like I was bankrupt, however, I never want to forget them...'' Excerpt from the notes of director Krzysztof Warlikowski

Playwright: Sarah Kane
Running time: 2 hours 40 minutes. Performed in Polish with surtitles in Greek and English.
Vassiliko Theatre (10/04/2008)
The Europe Theatre Prize is organized in the framework of: "NTNG BUILDING FACILITIES CULTURAL EGNATIA" 3RD COMMUNITY SUPPORT FRAMEWORK "CULTURE 2000-2006" AXIS Development of modern culture, MEASURE 2.1 CO-FINANCED 75% BY THE ERDF and 25% BY NATIONAL FUNDS
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