Oedipus in Corinth

Oedipus in Corinth - Ivo Svetina
Repeat: Vassiliko Theatre, 02/07/2007
Opening: Slovene National Theatre, Maribor, Slovenia, 07/10/2006

"In his play Oedipus in Corinth, Ivo Svetina narrates the part of the story that few playwrights ever tell: Oedipus's youth at the court of Corinth, before he killed his father and married his mother, before he became a tragic hero. Svetina's Oedipus is a young man who lives as the son of Corinth's tyrant Polybus and his wife Merope. He knows nothing of his real origins but his dreams have been haunted by images of an unknown town and inexplicit events foretelling his terrible destiny. The play focuses on his questions about his origins and his doubts about his identity. The uniqueness of his later behaviour lies here: his role as king and his incestuous relationship with his mother, his quest for truth and lies. The performance is inspired by the innovatory poetic performances of the later utopias of the 70s and gives emphasis on music, dance, ritual and the quest for the causes of the contemporary social crisis." Diana Koloini

Playwright: Ivo Svetina
Director: Ivica Buljan
Dramaturg: Diana Koloini
Costumes: Ana Gecan Savic
Choreography: Tania Zgonc
Lighting: Milan Podlogar
Assistant Director: Robert Waltl
2 performances
Vassiliko Theatre (02/07/2007 - 03/07/2007)
Aspects of Ancient Drama- 1st Theatre Festival of South-east Europe
Duration: 2 hours without intermission. Performed in Slovenian with surtitles in Greek and English