Locusts - Biljana Srbljanovic
Repeat: Yugoslav Drama Theatre, Belgrade, Serbia, 26/04/2005
Opening: Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies, 27/04/2007

From my personal experience, I know that old age comes unexpectedly. One day at one moment I stopped on the stairs. I didn't manage to run up. Since that moment, I have never managed to run up those stairs. In that same moment, I realized that I can't do all the things that I want to do. That was an event with double effect direct and indirect...That means that it is not a process. Old age is a condition: it can be latent, and it can have its manifestation. In this play this phenomenon is the main idea. This phenomenon marks our epoch. It is common for all generations. In this play all the people are old, but the author, paradoxically, states that the youngest are the oldest ones, which means that they have lost, more than others, vital impulses. And old age is not only that helplessness, but also an uncomfortable feeling that follows the awareness of that helplessness. People can be old when they are young. There are young people who are actually old. In the natural order of things, old age is preparation for the end: it can last a very long time, and, so to speak, it can be without an end... The best way to see the performance, in my opinion, is similar to the moments when we are travelling in some vehicle and along the road we see some scenes. We choose some impressions quickly, superficially and unselectively. Quickly because we don't have time, we are rushing into the next scene. We keep on moving, memories are accruing, we don't forget what we have seen and it mixes with the things that we are going to see. The approach I propose doesn't want us to reach conclusions, to rationalize something, to come to a certain standpoint according to which we will look at given problems. It just racks up one sensation after another and we are supposed, on the basis of those sensations, to awaken our experiences, and above all to see what is our situation: are we alive, do we respond to things that we have seen? This performance asks its viewers to engage in an introspective process, to remember themselves in relation to those situations.

Director: Dejan Mijac
Composition: Isidora Zebeljan
Choreography: Milos Paunovic
Sound design: Zoran Jerkovic
1 performance - 601 spectators
Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies (27/04/2007)
The performance will be played in Serbian language with Greek and English superscription. It has a duration of two hours approximately without any intermission.
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