Long Life

Long Life - Alvis Hermanis
Repeat: New Riga Theatre, Latvia, 09/12/2003
Opening: Vassiliko Theatre, 26/04/2007

Long Life is about one day in the lives of elderly retired people living in a communal flat in Riga, and the things around them.The theme of this play is old age one of the most unpopular issues nowadays. Since the beginning of the 90s our society has discriminated against the elderly population, isolated and placed them in the condition of an anthropological experiment that resembles a reality show with no clear rules of the game whether the winner is the one who dies first or last. Our performance provides a unique opportunity to become a witness of this 'zoological garden'. There is no script for the production of Long Life. Hundreds of sketches have been created by the actors themselves, performed to each other and afterwards edited. As keener observers might have noticed, in the elderly people's world things are endowed with a soul. Therefore to reveal this soul, the actors have challenged their dialogues through material things that have been the lifelong partners of elderly people. The authentic props for this performance have been collected from different people; they still carry the life story and soul of these people.

Playwright: Alvis Hermanis
Director: Alvis Hermanis
Costumes: Monika Pormale
Sound design: Builis Gatis
1 performance - 462 spectators
Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies (26/04/2007)
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