Public Enemy(Kohlhaas)

Public Enemy(Kohlhaas) - Istvan Tasnadi
Repeat: Lazaristes Monastery - Studio Theatre, 28/05/2001
Opening: Katona Jozsef Theatre, Budapest, Hungary, 09/05/1999

The play is a theatrical version of the short story Michael Kohlhaas by the German writer and dramatist Heinrich von Kleist (1777-1881). The play is somewhat original in that the Hungarian dramatist who adapted it for the stage chose to assign the narration of events, which are based on a true story that occured in Germany in 1532, to the central character's two horses which are the cause of a series of upsets and rebellions.

Playwright: Istvan Tasnadi
Director: Arpad Schilling
Costumes: Clara Varga
Composition: Erzi Kiss
Composition: Adras Monori
Movement: Eva Magyar
Lighting: Josef Pete
Sound design: Jozsef Horvath
Theatre Katona Jozsef Szinhaz-Kamra Stage: 9 May 1999

Moni Lazariston-Small Theatre: 28,29,30,31 May 001
Lazaristes Monastery - Studio Theatre (28/05/2001 - 31/05/2001)
Festival of theUnion of the Theatres of Europe (5.5.-2.6.2001)