Theatre Workshop

Theatre Workshop
Vassiliko Theatre – Substage, 08/10/2007

The Theatre Workshop of the National Theatre of Northern Greece began in October 2007 in order to study theatre texts under a theoretical and practical framework through various contemporary acting approaches. The main axis of inquiry in this research is the amalgamation of classical and contemporary plays. Attending the Theatre Workshop are young actors and drama school graduates, selected to enhance their theoretical and technical skills. The research involves three thematic cycles which promote the examination of various periods of dramaturgy and focus on the interaction between classical and contemporary texts in order to present different readings and approaches. Extreme paths are taken which shed light on the inquiry of each thematic cycle through a toilsome procedure of unending trials, in a continuous fluidity which reshapes people and notions. The presentations which aim to create the grounds for a continuous and fertile dialogue between the actors, director, teachers and the audience, are open to the public and last for approximately ten days

1st cycle: ''Marivaux's 'La Dispute' and Sarah Kane's 'Cleansed': a parallel reading'' (03/12/2007) Director: Yannis Paraskevopoulos

2nd cycle: ''Ubu at school: Jarry and American cartoons'' (15/02/2008) Director: Hectoras Lygizos

3rd cycle (15/04/2008) Director: Nikos Sakalidis

Artistic supervision: Niketi Kontouri
Acting workshop: Niketi Kontouri
Master classes: Eleni Varopoulou
Master classes: Vassilis Papavassileiou
Master classes: Sofia Mihopoulou
Master classes: Dimitris Dimitriadis
Master classes: Platon Mavromoustakos
Comics workshop: Kostas Aronis
Movement training: Margarita Mantaka
Movement training: Mariela Nestora
Master classes: Vassilis Papageorgiou
Master classes: Stratis Paschalis
Master classes: Aleksandar Popovski
Movement training: Anastasia Theofanidou
Music Instruction: Giorgos Christianakis
Music Instruction: Kostas Vomvolos
Music Instruction: Nikos Voudouris
National Theatre of Northern Greece
31 performances - 1330 spectators
Vassiliko Theatre – Substage (08/10/2007 - 20/04/2008)
Festival - Event
NTNG Theatre Workshop- 1st period
In the framework of: 'N.T.N.G. BUILDING INFRASTRUCTURE CULTURAL EGNATIA' 3rd C.F.S. E.P. 'CULTURE 2000-2006' AXIS Contemporary Culture Development, INITIATIVE 2.1 CO-FOUNDED 75% BY THE ERDF and 25% BY NATIONAL FUNDING.
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