Pavlos Papasiopis

Pavlos Papasiopis
Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies, 18/03/2007

Papasiopis was born in Kozani in September 1906. [] After finishing elementary and high school in Kozani, he registered in the Law school of University of Athens and joined the army right after that. In 1930 he went to Paris, while before that he worked as a secretary of the metropolitan of Kozani. In Paris, he studies for two years in the diplomatic major of school of Political Science. In 1932 (global economic crisis) he is forced to quit his studies and go back to Greece, hoping to come back someday. As the economic crisis was getting bigger he had to work. He started teaching French in highschool of Tsotyli and later on he worked in various private schools of Thessaloniki and in French school. In 1940 he took part in the war and later on in the resistance movement. He got arrested by Germans in 1944. All these experiences Pavlos Papasiotis had are given in his narratives along with his personal adventure. These events appear in his narratives to have an delight aesthetic image and a shake of soul. He first entered the literary society in 1958 by "Nea Poreia". In 1962 he published the series of narratives "Hall" and in 1972 the series "Deviation". After his death in 1978 the two series are part of one volume, called "The Narratives", which include the whole of his prose work. [] It also must be said that out of the great translating work of Papasiopis, mainly from French literature, the following books have been published: the narrative of Nathalie Sarraute "The Golden Fruits", and Sartre's scenario "Cube". Moreover, the translation of "Regina" by Kigergord has been published. The amount of his work, which is of various themes is published in magazines and mainly in "Nea Poreia". "Short Bibliographical adumbration" in magazine Elimeiaka, issu 3 November 1982

Supervisor: Roula Alavera
Director: Nikos Naoumidis
Lighting: Giorgos Zigkas
National Theatre of Northern Greece
Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies, 18 March 2007
Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies (18/03/2007)
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