Zoi Karelli

Zoi Karelli
Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies, 23/03/2008

'What can a poet express in order to write an introduction for his/her play? Explanations, while so much is explained or there is an effort to explain them, to comment them, and the mystery of existence exists. And poetry is, I believe, finally, a mystery, not only an aesthetic event but also it is existing movement. It is a phenomenon of human expression. What was that which led human being to the creation of the poetic speech? Since the prose exists which is rich, clear and easy, why is there this kind of speech with special rules and laws? In any other artistic manifestation in which this two-nature issue is not identified, there is not such a divergence. So, explanation, let's say, concerning the essence and the technique of poetry, when in an addendum, in our critical era new relationships and behaviors are created in the structure of poesy, even the discipline which can interpret in a better way the core or the deeper meaning. Hearing and obedience to the rhythm, sense of the deeper. The rhythmic speech I believe I heard a sunny Sunday morning, on April 10, 1938. I was going to the cemetery (for a memorial). I was feeling possessed by the brilliancy of life and in depth the awe of death: aversion, primitive surprise, primary, and the strange seduction of fear. I was walking, almost faltering, on the messy road. This was the beginning of the course. I couldn't imagine what was next: the fact that I reached the crossroad. It was impossible to think this. []' ZOI KARELLI

Supervisor: Roula Alavera
Director: Nikos Naoumidis
National Theatre of Northern Greece
Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies, 7 Marach 2007
Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies (23/03/2008)
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Literary Sunday Morning meetings