An educational programme for primary school children in the Thessaloniki area
In the—perhaps not so distant—year of 1825, a pack of dogs in Messolonghi begins to realize that something strange is afoot. The food is running out, people are unhappy, the sky is grey. No one can enter or leave the city. It’s up to the dogs to make their decisions and follow their own route to freedom.
Using the techniques of Educational Drama, the Siege of Messolonghi and the heroic exodus of its inhabitants is approached from a different than usual perspective: that of the town’s animal residents. Guided by actor-animators, the children take on roles, are invited to make decisions and actively participate in driving the action and exploring difficult issues through a fantastic dramatic context which lends both security and distance.
This Educational Drama seeks to immerse the participants in concepts relating to solidarity, the formation of individuality within the collective, peace and freedom.
Director: Alex Raptis
Theatre educator: Ioanna Lioutsia
Production Coordinator: Marina Chatziioannou
Actors: Nikos Milias, Marianna Pouregka, Vasilis Tryfoultsanis
DATES: 05/12/2019 - 10/04/2020
INFORMATION-RESERVATIONS: Eirini Tyflopoulou, 2315 200 078[email protected]