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Tickets ONLINE

For more information and tickets presale, please call 2315 200 200 or visit NTNG box offices:

Tickets online
Pre-sale tickets for NTNG performances are also available from:
Ticket refunds are only available if the NTNG is responsible for the cancellation. In such cases, a relevant announcement to this effect will be posted on the NTNG website.



For all NTNG productions, ticket prices range from €5 to €13.
In detail:
General admission: €5
Regular ticket (Stalls): €10
Discount ticket: €8 (Balcony seats, Students, Over 65s)
Group ticket: 7 (for bookings of 20 people and above)—Group bookings, Monday to Friday, morning, here.
Regular ticket: €13 (Stalls)
Regular ticket: €10 (Balcony)
Discount ticket: €8 (Students, over 65s)
Group ticket: 7 (for bookings of 20 people or more)—Group bookings, Monday to Friday, mornings,  here.
General admission: €10
School ticket : €6 (Valid for group visits) - Group bookings, Monday to Friday, mornings, here.
General admission: €7 (Infants, Children, Adults)
Valid for performances on the Infants’ and Children's Stages. Entrance is free for the second ADULT accompanying children and/or infants. PLEASE NOTE! Family tickets require that a zero-value ticket be issued at the same time for the second of the two adults and are only available from NTNG box offices (Royal Theatre, Society for Macedonian Studies Theatre, Lazaristes Monastery Theatre, Aristotelous Square).
General admission: €10
School ticket: 6  (Valid for groups)—Group bookings, Monday to Friday, mornings, here.

  • UNEMPLOYED: Free (for all NTNG productions)Unemployed tickets are available on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. 
    20 seats are available per performance for productions at the Vassiliko Theatre, the Society for Macedonian Studies Theatre and the Lazaristes Monastery—Sokratis Karantinos Stage. 10 seats per performance are available for productions in the Society for Macedonian Studies Foyer and the Lazaristes Monastery—Studio Theatre.
    PLEASE NOTE! Unemployed tickets must be reserved by telephone
  • OGA: OGA tickets are available for this season's productions
  • TEACHERS (on presentation of a valid teachers’ union card): €10
  • CONSCRIPTS: €5 (Valid for all NTNG productions, including those of the Children’s, Infants’ and Youth stages)
  • OFFICERS IN THE ARMED FORCES: €8 (Valid for all NTNG productions, including those of the Children’s and Youth stages)
  • THESSALONIKI POLICE UNION: €8  (Valid for all NTNG productions, including those of the Children’s and Youth stages)
  • Members of journalists’ unions and students of Drama Schools and Theatre Departments may also attend performances free of charge when there are available seats.
  • In accordance with the NTNG’s Agreement with the Ministry of Education, students in Public Vocational Training Institutes, Vocational Training Schools, Second Chance Schools and Centres for Lifelong Learning are entitled to an 8€ ticket for admission to NTNG productions.
  • In addition, the NTNG has signed an agreement with the Youth and Lifelong Learning Foundation, on the basis of which holders of the European Youth Card are entitled to a student ticket for all its theatrical productions.
All discounted tickets are issued exclusively by NTNG box offices (not online) on presentation of a relevant and valid card. The same applies to the family ticket and the tickets for the unemployed, for which it is necessary to book in advance.

For more information, call 2315 200 200.