“Here Sky”
by Aglaja Veteranyi
Foyer of the Society for Macedonian Studies
DATES: 07/03/2020 – 17/05/2020
DAYS & TIMES: Wednesday – Sunday at 21:15
RUNNING TIME: 100 (no interval)
TICKET SALES: NTNG Box Offices (Τ. 2315 200 200) | | Τ. 11876 

Greek Première
Suitable for ages 15+
A few words about the play
The terrible question hidden in the title of Aglaja Veteranyi’s novel “Why the Child Is Cooking in the Polenta” (original title: “Warum das Kind in der Polenta kocht”) reflects its fairy-tale structure, which exploits the mythic dimension to highlight the cruelty of life. Having left her homeland in search of a better life, travelling with the circus and looking for safety, tenderness and hope, the protagonist finds herself faced with the harsh realities of adult life. Seeing the world through her youthful, sensitive gaze, the viewer follows along her bumpy road as she recognizes and interprets the realities we all confront: indifference, prejudice, abuse, injustice, the difficulty of communicating, the deep-seated malaises of family and society. This dark allegorical tale for adults provides us with answers to the “whys” that torment us.

The author
Aglaja Veteranyi was born in 1962 in Bucharest. Her parents were circus artists who defected to the West and toured Europe, Africa and North America before settling in Switzerland in 1977. She attended drama school and worked in Zurich as an actor and writer from 1982. In 1992, she founded the literary experimental duet “Word Pump” with her teacher René Oberholzer and in 1995 the “Angelic Machine” company with her partner, Jens Nielsen. Texts of hers have been published in anthologies, literary magazines and newspapers. In 1999, her first autobiographical novel “Why the Child Is Cooking in the Polenta” was published, earning her international celebrity almost overnight. She was honoured with numerous awards in Switzerland and internationally. Aglaja Veteranyi committed suicide on February 3, 2002.

Translation: Sofia Georgakopoulou
Adaptation-Direction-Musical Supervision: Simos Kakalas
Adaptation-Musical Supervision-Director’s Assistant: Dimitris Kalakidis
Sets-Costumes: Giannis Katranitsas
Μasks: Martha Foka
Puppets: Stathis Markopoulos
Lighting: Panagiotis Lampis
Video-Video Mapping: Kleanthis Karapiperis
Set-Costume Designer’s Assistant: Danai Pana
Production Photography:  Tasos Thomoglou
Production Coordinator: Marily Ventouri
Giorgos Kolovos, Konstantinos Moraitis, Christina Papatriantafyllou, Giannis Tsemperlidis, Stefania Zora